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Had breakfast with “the wrecker”

September 27, 2009

She is still the same. Going by the name Audrianna now (I think that is how she spells it). She and another girl from San Diego moved up along with some guy who I saw at the door of the hotel. He seems like a real charmer. (That’s sarcasm). Maybe I am being too judgmental. I always liked Audrianna, she is funny and fun to hang out with, but she is a partier, which I obviously am not anymore. Anyway we had a good chat at breakfast she caught me up with a lot of the other girls I knew. No real surprises I have been down to SoCal a couple times a year since moving up here and you hear things about people you know especially in a community like this. The boyfriend in SD I mentioned way back in my first post – Married with 2 kids and she says he has turned into mr. upright citizen. Apparently he runs into a lot of the girls in NA meetings. Good for him. I’m glad he straightened out. Not sure what she plans to do up here. Says she is looking for work and isn’t interested in turning tricks, but the area where they are staying is notorious for it. Readers in Seattle will know where I am talking about. Those hotels on 99 down around Seattle Center. We’ll see I guess. I steered her down south for apartments and such. The area I live in would probably be just as cheap but I want to keep us separated a bit. The occassional breakfast is OK but that’s it. If she does go back to tricking I want to be far away and I definately don’t want mr. right knowing where I live. So anyway that has been the morning.

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  1. Sean the Maggot permalink
    October 1, 2009 2:00 am

    Hoping that your friend find a good spot to stay and a good way to earn a living. Life’s hard enough as is, don’t need to add any more grief to it.

    Other than that, hope all’s well with y’all.

  2. jenn1964 permalink*
    October 1, 2009 6:06 am

    Thanks. I will pass on your good wishes next time I talk to her.

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