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And you couldn’t go to the grave with this secret?

September 23, 2009

Mackenzie Phillips had a years long consensual sexual relationship with her father. That explains a lot but I really didn’t need to know about it, now that I do however you must suffer with me.

QandO tells us a secret that the Obama administration probably wishes the CBO had taken to the grave.

Yes those party poopers at the Congressional Budget Office are at it again. This time they’ve found the Obama claim that “seniors won’t see any of their Medicare benefits cut under the planned health care reforms” to be, well, not true.


Secrets about the web that really don’t mean anything

I’m sure all these guys wish Dan Brown would keep his mouth shut. How are secret plans for world domination supposed to proceed when some author keeps writing books about them?

and the FBI and NYPD learn the hard way that some imams may hava running mouths when members of their flock are being investigated –

A decision to enlist a Queens imam in an effort to develop information about the man at the center of a long-running cross-country terrorism investigation backfired earlier this month.

In fact, federal prosecutors have now charged the imam, a onetime source of information for the New York Police Department, contending that he betrayed the police by warning the suspect and then lied about it, and maybe even coached him on what to say if he was questioned.

Update – Little Miss Attila makes the point that we shouldn’t be too judgmental of Phillips as this is probably a part of her recovery. That was not my intention. Mainly I was trying to make a comment on the state of celebrity culture in a humorous way without thinking through waht Phillips herself is probably experiencing.

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  1. Portlandic permalink
    September 23, 2009 1:47 pm

    Well, Tom Clancy has been engaging in unlicensed prophecy for decades… not as long as The Admiral (whose REVOLT IN 2100/IF THIS GOES ON still creeps me out as being all too possible, especially if the Greens see how badly they’re losing and ally with the Fundies (as in FALLEN ANGELS by Flynn-Niven-Pournelle) but credibly.

    So, we keep on keepin’ on, with blogs like yours, books like ALONGSIDE NIGHT (free download at ) and FALEN ANGELS (free download at slash pc-137-1-fallen-angels.aspx ) for those of us who approve in liberty.

  2. jenn1964 permalink*
    September 23, 2009 2:20 pm

    Havent read alongside night but I read Fallen Angels when I was in the Navy way back in the 80’s. I also read the Clancy book where they use Aegis cruisers for missile defense (Exec Orders?). It isn’t the short range defense that I disagree with. Any good defense must be layered and in depth, it’s a. the way our allies have been treated, b. the fact that I don’t believe that the O administration is serious about the dangers, and c. we know that North Korea has ICBM capabilities, and I believe that I read at one time that the Iranians had purchased plans / technical expertise from them. As far as positioning my read was that the radars were to be in Czech Republic and the missiles themselves in Poland.

    To be honest not only do I want that system installed but I want those giant flying lasers Boeing is working on and a CIWS type system made out of railguns as a final line of defense (although maybe the kinetic energy from such an impact would be enough to actually initiate an explosion. I doubt it but I suppose someone should check it out before following my suggestions)

  3. Portlandic permalink
    September 23, 2009 3:12 pm

    a) 100% agreement. We treated the Poles and Czechs shabbily. Czechs are damn fine craftsmen and Poles, well, surviving between Prussian and Russia takes guts, of which they have plenty, as well as brains (Madame Curie was a Pole, as were the mathemeticians who broke Enigma). Jenn, you are *so* right. Again. And Again. Do it again, smart girl, smartr, smarter, oh, oh, oh!
    b) They’re liberals, they think everybody loves us. Airheads.
    c) N Korea will be lucky to get one out of five to launch on command. However, if that one has a EMP bomb…
    d) Giant frikkin’ lasers from Boeing? Right on! Every time I wander past Boeing Field, I have to see what’s on the ramp, saw it there once.
    e) Railgun CIWS? Rather see Rods From God, but I suppose, for close-in, they’d work. Reentry vehicles are very fragile (rainfall is a problem! Yea for us in the Soggy Upper Left Coast) and if there’s any impact on a nuke, the symmetry of the explosives would be ruined and at most there’s a fizzle to decontaminate.

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