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Obama failing miserably? I should hope so.

September 15, 2009

Despite running as a transformative candidate, who would change every aspect of our lives from how we drive our cars to how we see our doctors with a little meddling in how we are employed thrown in, so far he hasn’t succeeded. Unlike the author of The Politico article I am plagiarizing I think this is a good thing. Of his 3 signature issues he couldn’t have chosen better to destroy the American economy –

Employee Free Choice Act – Guaranteed to send jobs overseas once mandatory binding arbitration is imposed.
Cap and Trade – Goodbye small business and hello much more expensive goods
Health Care Reform – Hey let’s give control of 1/7th of the economy to the same people who think $700 for a hammer is a good deal and who admit that the program they want to base it on has be full of waste fraude and abuse for years.

but somehow among his supporters this is considering a good thing. Maybe they like sharing an unheated yurt with their goatherds but not me. Fail a little faster please.


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