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Has Charles Johnson been taking lessons from MSNBC and the NYTimes

September 14, 2009

An example of prevarication at it’s best –

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs – 60,000 to 70,000 attended the rally Saturday


NBC – Hundreds of Thousands attending the rally


QandO reports that the DC Police and Parks and Recreation have significantly higher estimates also but I can’t find official sources for those.

Johnson hates the Tea Partiers and obviously has an axe to grind so maybe he is a little off in his estimates. Interesting to note that Michelle Malkin who originally reported high numbers is willing to post a correction / update while Johnson hasn’t.

Cynthia Yockey has more on Charles Johnson

Ace of Spades (and quite a few others) point out that the crowd size estimator used by USA Today puts the crowd in the 1,000,000 range. Johnson’s commenters dispute it’s accuracy, among other things claiming that organizers are using faked web cam video.

An actual body count of 450,000? According to Robert Stacy McCain that number was reached using a
people meter.

My friend Barbara Espinosa was the source of the first concrete crowd numbers: 450,000, counted by a people-meter at the intersection of Constitution Avenue and 11th Street, two blocks east of the starting point of the march to the Capitol.

Alright I am done here, this (Johnson’s assholery) is something I shouldn’t care about I just hate Johnson’s holier than thou attitude and his constant accusations of rascism / fascism against anyone he disagrees with.

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