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I have to say – When the Obama administration decides to throw someone under the bus they strike like a cobra

September 11, 2009

A second ACORN video hit today and now ACORN has lost their role in the census. That has to hurt. Who is going to count all the illegals in California to (illegally) bump up their representation in congress now?

Robert Stacey McCain has a picture of the girl who played Kenya the Hooker. I foresee TV contracts in the future.

Hey, maybe this is just me but watching the tapes it appears that the guy wears a pimp hat, a fur coat and carries a cane while they are doing these interviews, shouldn’t that have been a hint something wasn’t right?

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  1. Sean the Maggot permalink
    September 12, 2009 10:49 pm

    Shhhhhh, don’t tell them what’s up when they’re shooting themselves in the foot!

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