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Awesome new numbers for the President

September 11, 2009

Rasmusen reports that 46% of people surveyed now support the President’s health care plan and his approval rating is down to -5. That doesn’t quite square with the 14% jump CNN reported yesterday but I guess Rasmusen forgot to completely oversample those already predisposed towards the plan (Thanks to Outsider in the comments of yesterdays post for pointing this out)

Unfortunately for Obama, this sample is comprised of 45% Democrats, 37% Independents, and 18% Republicans, a sample that even the most partisan of liberal hacks would concede is completely unrepresentative of the American electorate.

Just found this via MemeorandumCBS is reporting a 12 point jump in the support for the Health Care plan among those who watched the speech no demographic break down is reported (at least that I could find). Glenn Thrush notes that that calls the results into question.

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