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September 6, 2009

Boeing moving to China.

It’s still too early on a Sunday to really think hard (I was up late last night and have only had one cup of coffee), but seeing that as the top search term started the wheels moving.

How would I fix the economy if I was in charge? I know in large measure the economy is self-repairing so I don’t want major changes – I just want to help it along.

First off – We need skilled labor jobs. So we need manufacturing to return on-shore. How? Tax incentives definitely. Partnerships with schools to provide training programs so that teens are ready to enter the workforce?

Second we need the banking system fixed. How? I don’t know. I am toying with an idea of a bank of last resort backed by the states or a state that will lend at competitive rates when other banks won’t. I’m not talking some touchy feely thing but a real bank that can stir competition without having to worry about credit default swaps et. al.

What else. The idea is to preserve capitalism – keep the federal governement out of business as much as possible and give the economy a kick in the ass. comment with your ideas.

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