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Has Pat Buchanan gone insane or have I?

September 2, 2009

In the Buchanan reality Hitler was really a misunderstood pacifist who just wanted to reunite German speaking peoples with the German Fatherland and Poland just wouldn’t give up Danzig (GDansk) so they had to be invaded, and it was all Britain’s fault anyway because they had given the Poles a military guarantee that if Hitler attacked they would respond.

Might just be me but I remember things a little differently from high school history. The way I learned it Hitler was already busy violating treaties and invading other countries long before he invaded Poland.

1. Violating the Versailles treat upon taking power in 1933 by ordering the expansion and re-arming of the German Army.
2. Repudiated the Versailles traety in 1935
3. Sent troops to the Spanish Civil War
4. Invaded Austria as part of the Anshluss 1938
5. Invaded Czechoslovakia (Sudetenalnd) 1938
6. Signed the Munich accords then promptly violated them by invading the rest of Czechoslovakia in November 1938
7. Entered into the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in August 1939 (7 days before invading Poland) This pact included a secret protocol for dividing up Europe between Germany and the USSR.
8. Invaded Poland on 1 Sep 1939. France and Britain declared War on Germany but took no military action
9. 1940 Britain sends troops to Europe but no combat with the Germans. Germany invades Denmark and Norway. Germany invades France, Holland and Belgium.

One of the few things worse than an Illinois Nazi, is an American Nazi apologist. Shame on you Pat Buchanan. I hope you have to explain yourself to Hitlers victims someday.

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