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I kind of like this idea but it has some issues

August 30, 2009

Over at memeorandum they are linking a Rasmussen poll showing that 57% of voters want to completely replace the current congress.  At The Other McCain they take it further –

Every Congress must win approval from two thirds of the state legislatures in the 18th month of the Congress, or none of the members of the Congress are permitted to run for re-election for their current seat. Obviate the prisoners dilemma of voters, who, under the current rules, are inclined to build seniority by re-electing nitwits.

I like the idea in general but how would it work for Senators who only run for office every 6 years? Also a lot of state legislatures only meet once every two years in Jan through March so are you going to stretch the 6 months to 8 and have the legislature voting on it at the same time that they are asking congress to come up with money for the state?  That seems like a perfect way to explode national deficits as congress tries to buy off the state legislatures.  Personally I think a more workable suggestion is a term limits amendment.

One other issue, this smacks of populism and in general I don’t believe in populism.   There is no evidence that direct democracy works better that representative democracy and plenty of evidence in the form of California, Oregon, and Washington state that it doesn’t.   As Heinlein said – There’s no reason to believe a million morons can make a better decision than 1 genius, so lets fix the system that the founding fathers intended instead of mucking up the works.

Hmm, I guess in the process of writing this I turned myself against the idea.

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  1. xbradtc permalink
    September 1, 2009 2:09 pm

    I don’t know about Stacey’s suggestion, but I’d sure like to see the 17th Amendment repealed. That would do a lot to curb Congress’ worst abuses against the states,

  2. jenn1964 permalink*
    September 1, 2009 2:38 pm

    Oh I definitely agree with that.

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