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For some reason I continue to read the NY Times

August 30, 2009

I started when I was in the Navy and it was the only newspaper that I could get reliably and I have continued ever since even though it’s quality has gone markedly downhill. Today I got up and got a cup of nasty coffee (Millstone Hazelnut which I normally love but the grounds must have got wet or something) and plopped my but down in front of the computer and started reading the Seattle Times and the NY Times. I made it through the Seattle paper without too much trouble although the tribute to Kennedy did make me burn a little, but when I switched over to the NY Times my entire morning was ruined. On the main page was a quote from and idiot named Richard in France that reads:

I find it interesting that many Americans seemingly distrust Washington concerning issues of health care reform, yet these same folks eagerly embraced and supported the federal government in its most recent extreme form of foreign policy: the invasion of Iraq.

And why might that be Richard? He attributes it to stupidity and laziness. I say it’s based on experience and the results of a calculated effort by liberals to undermine trust in America and American institutions especially over the last 8 years. Reap what you sow as they say in the Bible.

–> 5 minutes later and my mood has improved. Mainly because I read this

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will cut short its summer break in early September to hear a new argument in a momentous case that could transform the way political campaigns are conducted.

The case, which arises from a minor political documentary called “Hillary: The Movie,” seemed an oddity when it was first argued in March. Just six months later, it has turned into a juggernaut with the potential to shatter a century-long understanding about the government’s ability to bar corporations from spending money to support political candidates.

(…) the request for re-argument suggests that the court is on the verge of bolder action.

Hopefully this time around the court will actually bother to read the constitution.

Actually my mood is brightening as I continue to read the paper (not the NY Times I am on the Washington Post now).  Although they are trying very hard not to the Post is having to admit that harsh interrogations or enhanced interrogation or whatever you call them this week worked in making Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a compliant prisoner and an intelligence asset.    At the same time Ezra Klein points out that a lot of the opposition to health care reform is coming from senior citizens and they are the demographic group that makes or breaks off year elections, and in doing so he points out one of the problems with programs like these (although being a liberal I doubt he meant to do so) they build constituenticies and become impossible to reform or manage effectively.

On the blog front it sounds like Little Miss Attila is having a rough time “Fighting a headache, matricidal urges, and wildfire survivor’s guilt.”  Ace of Spades has video of an anti-Obama protestor having his first amendment rights violated.  The Other McCain is linking to girlie pictures.

Edit – Glenn Greenwald, who(m) I have never read before, has a problem with the Washington Post’s sourcing and conclusions.  I read the CIA report so I have no problem with it’s conclusions.  Did Greenwald have similar problems when all the anti-Bush articles were coming out with anonymous sourcing?

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